My beautiful family!

It’s so surreal to stop and look and my family and see where we are all at now. I remember growing up with Katy and Laurel as kids. We were just little kids going through junior high, high school, and then college together. I shared a room with Laurel every summer, and we stayed up giggling until 2am. We went on family vacations every summer.  Once we piled into my dad’s old blue toyota van and drove to California in the summer heat. We laughed all the time. Everything could be a joke. I remember those times the most. Laurel has always cracked me up and created joy out of any moment. Her laughter and smile is infectious. I’ve always looked up to Katy as a little sister does. She navigates life before the rest of us, learning to drive first, graduating high school, moving away for college, and then marriage and kids. Speaking of love and marriage, life became more fulfilling and fun when Monte and Steve came into our world. Now I look in awe at my sisters and their husbands with 3 kids and another on the way! When did we all grow up and become adults? They are all incredible parents with beautiful, silly, intelligent kids. I’m lucky to know all of these beautiful people and to call them my family. Love you all!

The Marshall Family!

Oh my goodness do JD and Jillian make the cutest kids or what? I’ve known Jill for over 10 years! We went to school together at OSU and got the same degree. JD and Jill were some of my earliest clients. I photographed their wedding back when I was first starting out. They have since had two incredibly adorable kids. We met up at the coast this last week for a family photo session. The weather was a bit… well… coastal. It was drizzly and totally foggy by the time we went out for the shoot. Despite the weather, we still had fun and it is impossible not to have fun with these two boys. They are as sweet as they look in the photos! So happy for Jill and JD and their beautiful little family!

Kate & Brian’s wedding sneak peek

Special thanks to Scott Larsen (second shooter), Katy Haley of Bridal Bliss and Kirstie Wight for their stunning work!

Baby Cody is here!

Just this past spring, I documented this family just before 3 became 4. Cody has arrived and I was so happy to meet the little one last week. His sister Natalie was so good with him and was quite fascinated by her new brother. I thought it was so cool how interested he was in my camera and the clicking. He kept turning toward me and looking in my direction as I snapped photos. Maybe a love for photography can start at 3 weeks?

Welcome sweet Cody!

Tarran & Zach’s engagement

I recently took a trip to Salem to photograph Tarran and Zach’s engagement shoot. When it comes to portraits, engagements, and family photo shoots, I love to have my clients choose places and activities that mean something to them. It draws out the best and most natural sides of people when they’re already comfortable in their surroundings. It also gives me insight into who they are as I take photos. Tarran and Zach chose the neighborhood she grew up in just outside of Salem Oregon. It was a stunning location with fields, woods, and a cool old truck next door. I cannot imagine having such an incredible place to explore as a kid. We rounded out the shoot in downtown Salem to contrast with the countryside feel. It was fun getting to know these two more. Very much looking forward to their big day next summer!

Jess & Lindsey’s engagement

The plan for Jess and Lindsey’s engagement shoot was to start downtown and get some photos of the waterfront and city. The funny part was realizing we chose to meet at the epicenter of Portland’s Bridge Pedal. I rounded the corner to see THOUSANDS of bikers waiting to start the event on Naito Parkway. Thankfully the event didn’t get in the way of taking photos and we even got this fun shot on top of the Hawthorne Bridge as bikers passed by all around us. We rounded out the shoot at Lower Macleay Park up the road in NW. It was much quieter, more green and without bikes:)

I’ve known Jess for several years and its wonderful to see her so happy and in love since she met Lindsey. I’m thrilled to see her and her family soon for the big day. Excited for these two to tie the knot!,