It’s Me on a Rope Swing!

I always ask clients for their opinions on locations for photo shoots. Of course I have a long list of places that are tried and true. I know all kinds of locations with great backdrops, amazing lighting, and so on, but just because a location looks good in photos, doesn’t mean it fits a couple. I want my clients comfortable. I want them in space they know and will be themselves in. I want their photos to express who they are. With that said, I get to discover and experiences places I would never see on my own. This is a photo of a rope swing I never knew existed at Cannon Beach. Yes, the Oregon beach most everyone has been to a million times. Because I followed my clients and what they suggested for locations, Kevin was able to show me this crazy fun rope swing. The rest is history! I had to try it out. Special thanks to my client, Kevin, for taking this photo for me!

sneak peek: Kim & Kevin’s coast engagement shoot

A peek into Kim and Kevin’s morning at Cannon Beach. I LOVED being out and about after so much rain in Portland. More coming soon!

Maria & Niilo’s Wedding

Maria was one of my favorite brides to photograph last season. She is stunning and looks beautiful from every angle! I loved her dress and Spanish style veil too. I met Maria and Niilo over their engagement shoot just over a year ago (also in Seattle) and was immediately at ease working with them. They both have a nice calming presence that is contagious. On their wedding day, they were no different. Excited yet calm about it all. They were married at Maria’s high school chapel -Holy Names Academy in Seattle WA. The chapel was bright and pretty and the surrounding property was great for portraits. We then followed Maria and Niilo to Normandy Park Cove for their reception. They did a wonderful job decorating the reception space. My favorite feature was the custom Edison Bulb chandelier. OMG so cool. After an amazing dinner prepared by Maria’s aunt, followed by some toasts from friends and family, the night exploded into a dance party! Loved this day from the sweet couple, adorable kids, beautiful scenery, and the big party ending the night. Congrats to Maria and Niilo!

Kayla & Travis’ wedding

Kayla and Travis were married at Oregon’s Ponzi Vineyard. They had a smaller wedding on an incredible day. My favorite was the sunset glowing through the giant oak tree they stood under as they said their vows to one another. Kayla and Travis are so sweet together and I loved sensing the excitement as they saw one another for the first time as bride and groom. Their excitement and nerves were palpable. Travis had his groomsmen in great attire, especially the converse on the ground. Loved that detail. I also ADORED Travis’ family car! I’m horrible with knowing brands so please forgive me for not knowing the exact make and model of this beautiful car, but it was so fun to photograph the thing. Not only was it there for photos with the couple, but it was their get-away car at the end of the day. Pretty cool, especially since it is in the family! The day was low key, easy going, and they partied late into the night  under the stars with a great group of friends and family. Congrats to these two!

Kaitlin & Jeff’s wedding

Kaitlin and Jeff were married at a private residence just north of Hood River. It was secluded, stunning, and the perfect setting for a huge party. It was a big testament to how great these two are that they were able to wrangle so many friends and family out into the woods for a huge celebration. These two were very low hey, easy to be around and crazy sweet together. Jeff and Kaitlin wrote their own vows and both had the entire audience in tears. I loved sensing the support and joy that everyone had for them to be together! A very cool feature of the day, was finding out about Jeff’s connection with famous Nike shoe designer Tinker Hatfield. His father had a close relationship with him and Jeff wore limited edition shoes that Tinker designed just for his dad. It was a phenomenal detail to hear the story about. The day ended with a wild dance party out in the open woods! They brought an incredible live band, lights and danced the night away. Loved it all, every last second. Special thanks to Scott Larsen for shooting this day with me!

Scott & Tara’s wedding

From the second I met these two, I knew the fun would be endless. Scott and Tara had me laughing before we even shook hands for the first time. I informed Scott over an email that I was also a redhead, and the jokes started rolling in. I love funny people, funny people with huge hearts make the world an incredible place. I surround myself with that combination as much as possible. Scott and Tara’s wedding was low key, filled to the brim with love, and was beyond fun from a hike through Forest Park to a Voodoo Donut “cake” to a massive party full of dancing. A few of my favorite moments and details are featured below in the photos. Tara’s dress was made form a vintage wartime parachute! Incredible, right? We started photos in the redwood section of the Hoyt Arboretum, which is a stunning location. It’s totally worth the short hike if you haven’t been. Scott and Tara were not attached to one last name or the other. Traditions tell us that the wife changes her name to the husband’s, but these two weren’t going to follow that “rule.” They playfully announced whose name they were going to take during the ceremony. They provided soccer-style scarfs with both last names as a gift to their guests. So fun. Overall, I just loved Tara and Scott’s playful, happy dispositions. You can see her huge smile and practically hear her laughing in these photos. Upon meeting their families, I could tell that was where they got their charm and passion for life. The day was wildly fun and I left feeling happy to have met them. Cheers to an incredible couple and fun day!