Shelly & Fritz wedding sneak peek

Jess & Ben’s wedding rehearsal

Portland has a reputation for being a bit rainy from time to time, and yes, it’s totally true. I don’t photograph nearly as much during our dark, rainy and cold season that goes from about November – April. With that said, the sunny months here are busy. I can’t take on every project and sometimes I have to book more than one event a day. All of this is to say that I love having my second shooter Scott Larsen on board to be there when I can’t. He has been a consistent and talented second shooter for the majority of my last three wedding seasons (and for all of 2014 too!). I share many of his photos here on this blog, so you are familiar with his work and style.

I was happy to send him over to Jess and Ben’s wedding rehearsal the night before their wedding when I couldn’t be there. He documented the evening beautifully. Thank you Scott for all your hard work and talent over the years! You’re a rockstar.

Heather & Tam’s wedding

Heather and Tam made an instant connection with me from the first phone call. They are kind and thoughtful and were so excited about planning a wedding together. They had me hooked from the start, and it was fun to work with them from start to finish.

The day unfolded beautifully at Heather’s childhood home in Roseburg Oregon. As you can see, the property is incredible. Complete with an orchard, open fields, lush green grass, a garden and some beautiful trees that kept us all cool on a hot July day. I was able to ask Heather and Tam separately what their favorite parts of the day were. Heather told me it was how the day unfolded just as she always imagined. Everything looked and felt like she hoped it would. Tam told me it was when he saw Heather for the first time. I was lucky to have been there to capture that expression on his face, see it below. Talk about love. I personally loved finding out we were only a few short weeks away from Heather’s parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. 50 YEARS!! It was a day to celebrate Heather and Tam, but also a day to celebrate a long beautiful commitment between her parents. They got to dance to their first song again in front of all the guests. So incredible.

From the start, they told me how important Tam’s son Sean was to the day and their wedding. Sean also won me over from the first time I met him. We had lunch in Portland a few months ago to talk about the wedding day plans and Sean told me he was most excited to dance. When the time came to dance, dancing is what he did. He was dedicated to that dance floor. Not only did they play and have fun, but they also brought Sean into the ceremony and Heather read him some vows. They also gifted him a pendant to wear around his neck to symbolize the day and the union of their new family.

Heather and Tam, you are so genuine, loving and thoughtful. You clearly light each other up and make one another happy. I’m thrilled to have been there on your day! Cheers to you and your new family. Keep on dancing Sean!

Special Thanks to the talented Scott Larsen for second shooting this day with me!

Jess & Ben’s wedding

Jess and Ben’s wedding was as fun as it looks in these photos. And Jess does carry that huge smile and completely sweet demeanor with her everywhere she goes.  The day was filled with happy tears, love and support from their friends and family, and tons of laughing in between. They navigated their day with so many close friends and family. It was impressive how many people showed up with excitement and joy for these two.

More than anything, I love how much these two take care of one another and clearly adore each other. Jess welled up with tears every moment she thought about seeing Ben for the first time. As he rounded the corner and saw her, his face lit up. He walked over to her, and gently kissed her forehead. Even in a room filled with all their closest friends and family, I could tell how focused and dedicated they are to one another. There was zero distraction and just love between them. I might have melted a bit inside. Sometimes it gets hard to keep my own tears in when I get to witness love like that. I was so happy to have been at this wedding. Jess and Ben, you will have an incredible life together!

COORDINATION: Katy Haley of Bridal Bliss
VENUE: Portland Art Museum
PHOTO BOOTH: Happymatic
VIDEO: Ambient Sky
FLORAL: Punch Floral
DJ: John Ross
CAKE: Sugarhouse Cakes

Baby Aase is coming soon!

I can’t express how much it means to be along for all the big moments in a couple’s relationship. I’ve known my friend Stephen for over 10 years. We went to school together and we have watched one another go from bright eyed 20 somethings into the grown ups (haha!) we are today. Life has only gotten better as the years go on, and I’m always happy to hear about what is new in his world. I met his beautiful wife Berit a few years back when they first started planning their wedding. Since then, we have done their engagement shoot, wedding photos and now this pregnancy photo shoot! Isn’t Berit stunning as a mom? I’m so very excited for them and for their baby on the way. It was fun to talk with them about meeting their baby soon. They both expressed how excited they are to just see her and see what she looks like. It was clear they are both so in love already. Baby Aase is a lucky girl! Can’t wait to meet her soon.

Cristina & Sherrard’s wedding sneak peek