favorite photo #2

Here is my second installment of my favorite photos. Brian captured this one at Carolyn and Chris’ wedding on August 21st, 2010. During ceremonies, we often grab the zoom lens and get up close to capture that first kiss. I like that this photo does the opposite of what we tend to think is the best way to capture the first kiss. I love that this shot shows the whole moment. I find this photo to be quaint and sweet. I love how you can see Carolyn’s foot lifting as she leans into Chris. Little details like that say so much about the moment. I also like the centered composition and how it emphasizes and focuses in on their kiss. You can see some cameras in the air, some hands clapping, but in the foreground to the right you also see the boredom of a child. In the end, this shot gives me the impression of a nice, quiet moment at first, but gives me so much more to examine and interpret the more I go back to it. Well done Brian!

Jade Sheldon - December 14, 2010 - 4:41 pm

Wow! It is a true stunner…

It’s wonderful to see what a new perspective can bring :)

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