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Honeysuckle Photography

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mike & Danielle's Maui wedding ~ 02.05.11

We met Mike and Danielle almost a year ago for their engagement shoot in Portland. Brian and I loved working with them from the start. They are both genuine, considerate and fun to be around. As you can see, they also work well together and in front of the camera, so it makes our job easy. Upon doing their engagement shoot, we found out they were making plans to get married in Hawaii. Lightbulb! Brian and I suggested they fly us out there to work with them on their wedding day too. We are definitely a mobile business. Especially when it comes to warm tropical places… especially warm tropical places in the winter :) A few months later and Brian and I had our tickets to Hawaii.

Mike and Danielle were married just 2 weeks ago on Saturday, February 5th. It feels like a dream now to look at these photos with the cold drizzle and gray skies outside my office window. There is almost too much to cover about the week we spent in Maui in a small blog post. We started the trip by flying out with at least 20 people in the wedding including the bride and groom. It was a fun 5 hour flight, we even got to sit right next to Father Murphy whom we have worked with on several weddings over the years. Once we were there, we immediately felt this was a different wedding than most. You don’t exactly get married on a (warm) beach and walk down the coast line to your tiki-torch-lit reception in Oregon. It’s a bit chilly on our Oregon coast for that. Everyone was more laid back and casual, making the day way less stressful all around. I can see why people move to Hawaii.

The wedding day itself seemed to fly by faster than everything else. Mike and Danielle waited to do photos after the ceremony which was my favorite part of the day. Once all their guests headed over the the reception, we slowly walked with the bride and groom down the coast. The sun was setting and everything came together perfectly. They were relieved to finally see one another and to be headed on to the party to celebrate with their guests. The night went off without a hitch. Great food, drinks and dancing. Everything went by so fast. I couldn’t have imagined a better couple to work with in paradise. Congrats to Mike and Danielle!

Loved that both moms were standing in the background of this photos.

Mike and Danielle waited to see one another until the ceremony. The long walk down the aisle was full of excitement and anticipation.

What a great first kiss! The moment just after was so sweet. Love their expressions.