The Houston Family

I have had the privilege of meeting Travis this past year through work and friends. Although he doesn’t live here in Portland, he has roots here. When I heard he would be in the area, I had to meet up and take photos of his incredible family. It was such an honor to meet his wife Joy whom he speaks so highly of. She met and exceeded my expectations. I also got to meet his sweet kiddo Maverick. We wandered the pearl as the sun went down. There was a lot of play, running around, laughter and love. I enjoyed every last bit of it. Thank you Travis! Your family is beautiful in so many ways!

The Farm Family

Rhian just turned two and it was time to get an updated family shoot for the Farms! We hung out, ran around, played and I even had some spells cast upon me by these little Harry Potter fans. After capturing the Farm Family at Washington Park, we ended the shoot on a sugary and delightful note at Blue Star Donuts. They are above and beyond your typical pastry. You must try them to understand! The kiddos behaved wonderfully so they could get rewarded at the end. They may have had the biggest smiles when we got into the shop. I might reconsider bringing donuts to photo shoots from now on to get those reactions!

Kris & Todd’s engagement shoot

Kris and Todd met through the canoeing community right here in Portland so it was a perfect fit to take some engagement photos down at the SW waterfront. This city, the water, and being out in nature means the most to them so we emphasized that as we walked around. It was nice to meet their sweet 13 year old lab named Jackson. He was a trooper and smiled for most of the photos. I love starting my day off with a session like this! Looking forward to their big day in a couple months.

Hanh & Khanh pre wedding shoot

Hanh and Khanh are only a few weeks away from tying the knot. We did a pre wedding photo shoot at Peninsula Park this weekend on a beautiful afternoon. Special thanks to Kirstie Wight for her talent with Hanh’s makeup!

Jordan is turning one!

I met Jordan’s mom Annie a few years ago when she was a bridesmaid in a wedding. I had the fortune of meeting her little one year old son Jordan last week. He is all smiles and is completely entertained by people and the world around him. He was so fun and easy to photograph. Happy Birthday Jordan!

Heather & Tam’s wedding sneak peek