Annie & Chris wedding | Zenith Vineyard

I’m almost through sharing my 2013 wedding season! It seems fitting to share about Annie and Chris’ rainy day last year at Zenith Vineyard. Rain is a common worry for couples before their wedding day.  My answer is always the same: as long as we have some covered options and a few umbrellas, everything will turn out great. Annie and Chris seemed totally unaffected by the stereotypical Oregon weather. They carried on about the day lovingly and even trusted me to get some umbrella photos just outside of Zenith’s main hall. I was so happy those moments turned out. On a side note, I was totally blown away by Annie’s dress. Her mom made it for her. Incredible, right? I couldn’t get over the details and how stunning it was. Truly impressive!

Vendors who made this day exceptional:


Meet Baby Rylyn

Several months ago, Meaghan reached out to me about her pregnancy and to set up a time to photograph their soon-to-be-born baby. I’ve known Meaghan for years, and photographed their wedding in the Space Needle a couple years back. We had a date set for the shoo,t and she was going to reach out again in a few months once the baby arrived. Shortly after we organized our photo shoot around the due date, Meaghan emailed me with a subject line “She’s here!” Mind you, this was a couple months early! Rylyn didn’t want to wait any longer. I was happy to hear everyone was healthy and doing well. We all waited for sweet baby Rylyn to develop enough to be out of the hospital and at home. We also had to wait until her immunity system was strong enough for me to visit and take some photos. I finally got to meet this sweet little baby on Tuesday. She is strong and healthy and totally aware of her surroundings. It was cool to see how she reacted to her parents as they moved her around and spoke to her. She would always rotate her body and watch them. We mostly had a good time until the head bow came out. Rylyn wasn’t into that as much;)I’m so thrilled for this wonderful family and their cute little bundle.

Juan & Brianne’s engagement shoot

Juan and Brianne’s engagement shoot at Portland’s Providence Park was incredible. I can’t (and won’t ever) get over all the cool people and incredible locations I get to experience with this job. Juan proposed to Brianne at a Timber’s soccer game this last November. As season ticket holders, it was the perfect back drop for their engagement shoot. It was fun to hear the story of how and where he proposed to her. With everyone in the stadium watching, Juan got down on his knee to propose. She said yes, they embraced, and all the Timbers’ fans erupted with excitement cheering “SHE SAID YES! SHE SAID YES!” Now that’s a cool engagement story! I will be working with these two again soon at an different and totally stunning location as they say “I do.” I’m looking forward to sharing more of their story with you. (p.s. redheads rule!)

engagement sneak peek: Juan & Brianne

More coming soon from this engagement shoot with Juan and Brianne at Providence Park. Special thanks to Kirstie Wight for her stunning hair and makeup work!

Hanh & Khanh’s engagement shoot

Sometimes the all mighty photo gods shine their light and good fortune upon me… Hanh and Khanh had their photo shoot planned for two weeks ago. They wanted the cherry blossoms in full bloom and, like most everyone, they wanted a nice spring day. Some sunshine, some warmer weather… you know! All that good stuff we want for photo shoots. Then the weather rained on our parade. Literally. It was pouring rain and we had to change plans. Thankfully our only other option was this past Sunday which was spectacular! The sunset at the waterfront was better than I have seen all year and I think the extra week of sunshine made the cherry trees blossom as much as they could. It was breathtaking. We had to photograph around the rest of Portland also enjoying the beautiful afternoon, but most people were so kind and gave us space to take our photos. We even had the sweetest guy stop and ask if he could help shake a branch for us so petals would fall! He saw me looking around for a low branch to grab and he could see by the look in my eye what I wanted. Unfortunately my short stature and the fact I had to also be taking the photos was making that task impossible. He jumped up high and shook a branch and the rest can be seen in the photos below. I heart Portlanders. This is the best city.

Sneak Peek: Hanh & Khanh engagement